HKIDO-Flashpoint Summer Workshop 2015

The HKIDO-Flashpoint Summer Workshop 2015, organised in collaboration with the Hong Kong Schools Debating and Public Speaking Community Ltd. (HKSDPSC), has successfully concluded with more than 280 participants from 28 schools participating in the training part of the Workshop, and 18 teams competing in a two-day tournament on 29th & 30th August 2015. Most students were from schools that were not well-established in debating, or did not have access to rich resources to train up its students.

The programme concluded with the break rounds, Grand Finals and Closing Ceremony held at the University of Hong Kong (HKU). Thanks to all participants, teachers and tutors who attended the tournament and the workshop, as well as the judges and guests of the Closing Ceremony:

Mr Paul Shieh, Former Chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association (2014);
Ms Mehvesh Mumtaz Ahmed, Chief Adjudicator of the World Schools Debating Championships (WSDC), Director of WSDC Ltd.;
Mr Albert Ma, WUDC ESL Semi-finalist in 2008 and Former Captain of the HKUEDT;
Mr Holmes Chan, Captain of HKU EDT; Champion of Hong Kong Debate Open 2014; Quarterfinalist of UADC Bali 2015;
Mr Jeffrey Wong, Former Captain of HKU EDT; Champion of Hong Kong Debate Open; 11th Best Speaker at Asian BP Championships;
Ms Eunice Leung, Finalist at WIDPSC 2012; Reserve Member of Team HK WSDC 2013; Quarterfinalist at UADC Bali 2015; and
Mr Kwok Hung Cheng, Governing Council Member of HKSDPSC, Head Coach of DGS.

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